February 14

What Top B2B Companies Have In Common With F1 Racing

What do the top performing B2B companies in every sector have in common with Formula 1 racing?

Without exception, their Sales & Marketing teams are incredibly closely aligned.

They work as an overall team in the truest sense of the word.

Every idea, suggestion and improvement helps move the company further forward in terms of performance and profitability.


There is no 'them and us'.

It's both sides brining their unique insights and value to make incremental improvements to benefit the company as a whole.


Arguably, one of the best applications of this team work is in the pitch deck which executives and sales teams use.

Yes it's produced by marketing, but developing it in the first place should always be a collaborative effort.

Once again, all of the top performing B2B companies not only have beautifully produced pitch decks, but they regularly review and update it as well.


If there's one thing that is likely to be able to make a near IMMEDIATE improvement to your company's performance through sales and marketing...

It would be to review and update the pitch deck which your company uses.

Your sales and marketing process may well have call for multiple decks throughout the sales cycle.

Or indeed for executive functions such as raising finance and establishing partnerships.

Which ever is relevant to you, reviewing and updating those decks would be time incredibly well spent.


There isn't a CEO or sales team on earth who wouldn't welcome a shiny new pitch deck that's going to help your company win more business.

So if you fancy being a bit (more) of a living legend and kicking starting that very process...

I'm co-hosting a free webinar next week with Itai Amoza which will help you do just that.

It's called...

➡️ Pitch Deck Masterclass

In this tightly packed 1hr session we'll be looking at:

- How to produce the most effective pitch decks possible
- Fatal flaws in pitch decks to avoid
- The ultimate pitch deck blueprint
- The best strategy for production
- The latest concepts proven to increase success


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