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3 Key Challenges That You Will Face in 2022

# 1: Marketing to customers who work 100% remotely.

# 2: Marketing to all stakeholders - Only 6% of B2B purchase decisions are made by a single person*.

# 3: Marketing to 'Invisible Influencers' - The deal makers or deal breakers whose support is crucial.

*2021 B2B Buying Disconnect - Trust Radius

B2B Group Meeting
B2B Customers

Give Your Customers What They Want

33% of buyers now spend more time researching products than they did before the pandemic*.

This means that your customers are actively searching for resource materials that will help them make educated and informed decisions.

But this doesn't mean sell harder.

Consider the adage, "People hate to be sold to but they love to buy".

You will achieve a significant competitive advantage if you can adapt your marketing materials to help your buyers learn about the symptoms they're experiencing.

And then... the problem which you're ultimately able to help them with. 

*2021 B2B Buying Disconnect - Trust Radius

What Is The Best Tool For The Job?

The latest research tells us that case studies are the number one preferred resource according to buyers*.

Case studies are used 34% more than webinars and 47% more than white papers and ebooks.

Yet most marketers completely neglect to produce and publish them.

Why? Because without help they do take a lot of work to create.

However... their unique ability to deliver insightful and educational content is precisely why buyers rate them as their favourite resource by far.

*2021 B2B Buying Disconnect - Trust Radius

What Is The Best Tool For The Job?
Invisible Influencers

'Invisible Influencers'

Your sales team is relying on you in a way which neither of you may previously have been aware.

49% of people with influence in a purchase decision never make direct contact with a vendor's sales team.* 

These influencers are invisible and only through marketing is there any hope of winning them over.

Make no mistake, their support is absolutely key, which is why you NEED to have a strategy and the right assets to secure it.

*2020 B2B Buying Disconnect - Trust Radius

According To Buyers...

According to BUYERS themselves... 

The most effective type of marketing asset at driving them towards a purchase decision is a TRUE case study*.

The only caveat is that it has to be a TRUE case study.

It's where a previous customer shares the FULL story leading to having acquired a product or service.

It includes an honest review of their experience, what challenges they faced, what they learned along the way, and how life is different from now on.

Because this type of information is key for buyers being able to make an educated and informed decision, this is why they are also so very influential.

*2020 B2B Buying Disconnect - Trust Radius

According To Buyers
The Real Reason Why Stories Are So Powerful

The Real Reason Why Stories Are So Powerful

Did you know that marketing claims are prime triggers for what is known as 'Push-Back?'

'Push back' is resistance to unsupported facts or anything which differs from what we currently believe or know to be true.

When ever we push-back on something our mental defences go up and the flow of information is slowed down to a trickle.

Stories however bypass your push-back filter, which means that what ever is said in a story is accepted entirely without challenge.

It's the most incredible phenomenon which marketers can use to great effect if used properly.

Why Story Selling Is A Game-Changer

Story Selling is when you use the art of telling stories to persuade or sell.

As mentioned, because stories bypass your push-back filter whatever is said in a story is accepted WITHOUT challenge by the audience.

The game-changing potential of story selling is because it gives you the ability to have every educational insight and sales talking point directly absorbed and retained by your prospect.

Story selling is the quickest and most effective route to developing highly educated customers who appreciate in detail the value of what you offer.

By incorporating story selling into video case studies you then have a truly formidable tool to influence every necessary decision maker in your favour.

Why Story Selling Is A Game-Changer
The Most Successful Movie Formula of All Time

You Need A Formula For Success

Formulas are the key to repeatable success, and all stories follow a variation of a formula.

Out of all the movie formulas created the most successful of all time is called... 'Overcoming The Monster'.

In short, the hero encounters a threat, navigates a series of challenges, is faced with a pivotal setback, before rising victorious against all odds!

The most financially successful movies of all time including Star Wars, Transformers, James Bond all use this formula. Audiences simply can't get enough of it.

So hold onto that thought, because if it works so well for Hollywood we could be onto something...

What If We Made Your Customer The Hero?

Unfortunately, your prospects don't really want to hear what YOU have to say about your product or service.

But they would LOVE to hear a story about how someone like them...

  •  Had a similar problem
  • The challenges they were up against
  • What they had to take into consideration
  • What they learned along the way
  • How the solution took shape
  • What life is like from now on
Make Your Customer The Hero
Cinema Camera

The Most Powerful B2B Case Studies Possible

To create THE MOST POWERFUL B2B case studies possible, we adapted the most successful movie formula of all time... 'Overcoming The Monster'.

It skilfully hooks the viewer in within the first few seconds and uses that wildly successful base formula to deliver every educational insight and sales talking point which you need to get across.

This unique approach results in you having someone who appreciates in detail the value of what you offer and is fully predisposed to see you as the ideal solution to their problem or need.

Don't Forget Testimonials

David Meade is one of the most brilliant public speakers in B2B. As an expert in psychology and influence he’s a huge advocate for the power of testimonials.

As he aptly puts it…

“Testimonials are like cat-nip for B2B buyers."

A case study is for the early and mid stage of a sales journey.

A testimonial on the other hand is an entirely different tool to help secure a deal at the end.

When ever producing a case study you should ALWAYS produce a testimonial to go with it.

Two different tools for different jobs.

Yet both are important.

David Meade B2B Speaker


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