November 13

For Your Next Video Project Try This

For your next video project, try this...

Tell the story of HOW your clients are leading their field with your help. This creates superb content that your target customers will naturally be drawn to.

This case study was a joy to produce and premiered at VMware Explore 2023 in Barcelona last week.

We tell the story of how EVAD Technology Group is leading the field in delivering cloud solutions for their clients. However, first and foremost, it's an educational piece.

The value to your target clients lies in WHAT they can learn.

It's only AFTER we share a series of useful insights that we cover the elements critical to success.

In this case, it's the combination of Fujitsu, NetApp, and VMware behind Pádraigh Griffin and his team, delivering supremely reliable and robust cloud solutions. (The case study was produced for all three vendors.)

As you'll learn and appreciate when you watch the piece, there are MANY crucial considerations to account for right now if you want your IT infrastructure to deliver.

Knowing exactly what those considerations are is key.

So, the high-value insights Pádraigh shares in a refreshingly concise manner will go a long way in helping digital leaders give their company or organization the edge.

At no point does this come across as a sales piece. Instead, it delivers real value and leads the viewer to realize for themselves the value and reassurance they'd get from choosing Fujitsu, NetApp, and VMware.

It's selling WITHOUT selling, effortlessly natural, and it's what today's buyers want - to LEARN.

Plus, in this case, if they need someone to deliver their infrastructure, they've also just found someone who's perfectly suited for the job.

Here's the link to watch the finished piece:


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