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Win Clients With Video Case Studies

Video case studies are probably THE ONE THING you're not using right now.

Yet they could not be any more perfect for helping win new business.

In this 30 minute presentation James packs in a hour's worth of content to cover...

► The latest concepts, principles & techniques
► Showing you how they should be produced
► How to use & deploy them for maximum effect

Most case studies these days are produced incorrectly.

But the power which true case studies have to help win deals and increase sales is incredible.

They also stand to have the greatest impact in directly helping your company win more business.

1: Introduction

An hour webinar packed into 30 minutes.

2: James Introduction

A brief bit on my background and why I'm in a good position to help you with this...

3: How Your Company Benefits

The key to standing out.

But first you need to account for the unfair advantage which you're currently burdend with...

4: The Secret

The secret of out-marketing and getting the edge over your competitors.

5: The Problem With Most Case Studies

According to buyers these are the two biggest complaints which nullify their effectiveness.

6: Case Studies Re-Invented

The 3 core elements behind this new style of video case study and why they are so powerful.

Your goal is to facilitate that all important EPIPHANY moment.

Your case study video does everything to bring them up to that point.

The magic happens when the buyer realises that YOUR COMPANY is the perfect choice.

7: Your Client As The Hero

A serious concept which carries weight, here's why...

8: Story Hero Formula

The breakdown of my formula for creating the most powerful B2B case studies possible.

9: The Big Payoff

The big benefit and the edge you'll get from leveraging this new style of case study.

This is where the magic lies!

10: What Not To Do

Knowing what not to do is really worth taking note of.

If you can avoid this mistakes you'll greatly increase your chance of success.

11: Example

This is how a video case study should be produced by the on the methodology which I developed.

12: Strategy

This is how you develop a straight forward yet highly effective strategy for maximising the potential for case studies to win new clients.

13: Best Advice

The best advice I can give for your next step...


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