What Most Case Studies Lack

May 16

What Most Case Studies Lack

The problem with most case studies is that they focus on trying to pitch the product or service.

They go straight into talking about...

- How wonderful it is
- The features
- The benefits
- Why it was the right choice

But that's not why people watch them.
The reason why people want watch to watch them is to:

- Understand their problem better
- Get a clearer understanding of what they're up against
- What they need to consider
- How to make an informed decision

Yet marketers insist on knocking out promo videos which they think are case studies.

Unless it genuinely helps a person with their buying process and with the points mentioned above... 

It's not a case study.
It's an advert.

The secret is to hold off on the pitch - that comes later.
Instead, help your target customer.

It's INCREDIBLY COMPELLING if you have one of your clients tell the story of what they went through and the challenges they face.

Learning from other people's experiences is something we're hard wired to do.

And when the viewer realises that the person featured is just like them.

They're naturally intrigued to find out what their next move was.

For an example of what I mean, play the video below.

It's only a short cut, but rarely if ever do you see this done properly.

Getting your clients on screen to do the selling for you will always be more powerful and impactful than anything you could hope to say.

If you'd like to see the full length case study click HERE.


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