Volume Network

Electrical store retailers have never been under so much pressure as they are today.

They are in desperate need for an edge to combat online competition.

This is the story of how Volume Network delivered the win which Europe's largest electrical store retailer, Curry's was looking for.

This case study is designed to introduce their quite remarkable offering to retail store executives.

Produced in conjunction with their B2B Marketing agency - Beettoo.

Volume Network Case Study and Testimonial

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The case study is designed to be Volume Network's primary marketing tool.

It educates a potential client perfectly and it effortlessly leads them to the realisation that the product is the ideal solution for their needs.

The ultimate way to maximise the effectiveness of a case study and supporting testimonial is to have a dedicated PayPerClick campaign driving traffic to it.

Below are two short promos designed for PPC.

They can also be used as regular social media posts.

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