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7 Video Case Study Examples [2023]

Clients much prefer to watch a video case study over reading one. It's because of this why your focus should be firmly on video instead of written ones from now on.

What To Look For In A Video Case Study

A lot of people make the mistake of blurring the distinction between a case study and a testimonial. The truth is that they are two very different assets.

  • Case Study - For the beginning and mid part of the buyer's journey
  • Testimonial - For the end of the buyer's journey

The primary purpose of a case study is to provide educational value to the viewer to help them better understand their situation and at the end, position your company as the best choice to help them.

A primary purpose of a testimonial is to provide the re-assurance that your company is indeed the right choice when it's time for them to make a decision.

Far too many people use testimonials when in fact they should be using case studies.

In case you're wondering... when ever engaging in a project of this nature you should always produce both a case study AND a testimonial at the same time.

Case Study - Behind The Scenes - 6

Education Is The Key

Video case studies which deliver real educational value is the key because that is the attraction for buyers watching them.

"People hate to be sold to, but they love to buy"

So the most effective concept is...

  1. Deliver educational value
  2. Position your company as their ideal choice

By positioning your company as their ideal choice after they've learned a series of important key considerations you'll be doing them a favour.

You will have created a need and then given them the solution.

Now, this is different to the 'Problem - Solution' format, and it's better because it's more focused on the individual watching.

Below are some examples of video case studies we've produced which execute this concept perfectly. When watching try to put yourself in your target customer's shoes and consider how they would interpret it all.

Curry's - Video Case Study

If you're in retail and in charge of a vision department some of the key things you'll be interested in are customer service and profitability.

This case study does a wonderful job of sharing insights for what the guest was going through and what's important in his world.

Those insights connect with the viewer and either matches their situation exactly, or stands to provide value in subject matter which they'll benefit in paying more attention to.

The case study concludes with detailed qualification for why Volume Network's SAAS product is the perfect fit for their needs and goals.

Case study pricing: https://storyhero.uk/price

Boann Distillery - Video Case Study

This case study is a work of beauty, at the same time it does an excellent job of covering and educating on key sales talking points.

Getting to understand your case study's target audience is key. The goal is to get the messaging and style of communication perfectly in line with how they see the world and operate.

When you do that the case study will connect with them in such a way that they feel it was made especially for them.

This case study was filmed using the same cinema camera and lenses which are favoured in most of Netflix and Amazon's big budget series.

If you have a premium product this is the production route that you should also take.

Keele University - Video Case Study

An incredibly strong strategy for a case study is to focus on the success and improvements which your customer has been responsible for delivering.

It's not about you, it's all about them.

Now this is a seismic shift in how your client will respond to being asked to take part but also how your target audience will perceive it.

This is story telling within B2B at its finest. Telling the story behind how the hero (your customer) engaged on a quest, went through a series of challenges, before rising victorious at the end (with your help).

This approach makes watching marketing content enjoyable!

Think about how powerful that is - your target customer base ENJOYING watching your marketing content.

And this is all while the video case study perfectly lines up your company as being their ideal choice to help them with their problem or need.

Learn more about this new style of video case study:


Beettoo - Video Case Study

Sometimes it can feel that in a heavily crowded marketplace that establishing a point of difference can be difficult. A marketing agency is a great example of this.

What this video case study does is to focus on what was important to the client, what was likely to make a difference in her world and what she was looking for.

Target customers watching who are of a similar profile watching would find what she mentions resonate perfectly with them.

The case study is structured so that after having covered and expanded upon each of those points it all flows into qualifying why Beettoo was a perfect fit.

It's never enough to simply give the punchline - to say in this case Beettoo was the perfect fit.

You have to set the stage, tell the story and THEN lead to the punchline.

It's all very effortless and at no point does it come across as a sales piece.

Story Hero - Video Case Study

This is a case study for a case study production company... an interesting concept if ever there was one!

Never the less, this is where sticking true to the concept of seeking to provide true value, to provide genuine educational insights comes into play.

Professional marketers are continually looking for an edge in what they do.

So this is why a series of insights from one of the UK's top B2B sales trainers makes for such interesting viewing.

Stephen Tierney's insights from his perspective are valuable to marketers because they stand to give them the edge which they are keenly seeking.

Derby College - Video Case Study

Another great example of a case study making the client the hero and sharing their story which is given from a first hand perspective.

Professionals love to learn how others in their field successfully navigate challenges and deliver successful outcomes.

A key point to make however is that this isn't a 'success story'. The problem with 'success stories' is that they are loaded with a pre-determined outcome.

Good stories have to involve an element of challenge and hurdles to overcome. It can't be a sure-fire win, as where is the fun in that?

So this is why having your client share their full story is a better and much more engaging approach to take.

Learn more about video case studies: https://storyhero.uk/case-study-blog

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A video case study like the way most video producers structure them follow the entirely predictable Problem-Solution format where the weighting is overwhelmingly focused on the solution.

The problem with this is that buyers see them as little more than adverts.

A true case study should be focused on delivering real educational value to help them navigate where they currently are and get to where they want to be.

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