About Story Hero

The Concept and Service Explained

The Backstory

Case studies are the single most powerful marketing asset you can have.

Your existing clients are unbeatable in terms of influence for helping win new business.

Unfortunately, these days marketers are producing adverts disguised as case studies.

Buyers hate that, we set out to fix this.


James Rostance is a three-time published author in video production and marketing.

With help from 88 of the industry's leading experts he conceptualised Story Selling Case Studies.

He spent 3 years working on developing the most powerful B2B video case studies possible.

Core Concept

We position your client as the hero to make your case study instantly relatable and appealing to your target audience.

In short, the process is to tell your client's story first, and THEN reveal how they achieved their big win.

Telling their FULL story is how we get the audience to want the same results with YOUR help.

The Service

Delivered by true B2B marketing experts.

You will not find a better, more dedicated service to produce video case studies.

Worldwide coverage to film where ever your clients are based. 

You also have the option to produce in your client's native language with no extra charge.


Would you like to discuss having a case study produced?

The consultation will offer:

  • An Expert Assessment of Your Current Situation 
  • How to Get Clients To Agree To Take Part 🔥
  • Solutions for Every Case Study & Testimonial Problem You've Had Previously