Win Over People 'Sitting On The Fence'

January 17

Win Over People ‘Sitting On The Fence’

People 'on the fence'... 

How many sales does your company lose out on because of them?

And just how much impact do they have and what can you do about it?

The latest research tells us that 49% of people with influence in a B2B purchase decision never make direct contact with a vendor's sale team.

Or to put it more bluntly... they avoid speaking with sale reps.

And the pressure is all on marketing to take care of the situation!

The concept of stakeholders being 'on the fence' actually implies they're just about 50/50 for who to choose.

If anything, that's a best case scenario.

What's more likely is that (unfortunately) you're failing to win them over and worse yet, you don't have a way of fixing that.

The challenge is to make sure you have the entire Decision Making Unit (DMU) voting in your company's favour as their chosen supplier.

And that includes the 49% of 'invisible influencers'.

Plus, if that wasn't enough... post pandemic, everyone's a lot harder to reach.

Yes it's a potentially bleak outlook, however...

There is hope.

Whilst you may not be able to directly reach or identify all decision influencers, your lead customer contact at the target company WILL.

So if nothing else you do have ONE solid opportunity to make your case.

But here's the kicker... whatever you send them HAS to make an impact and it HAS to do a lot of leg work into you making it onto their preferred shortlist.

The one marketing asset which is best suited to communicating the widest range of compelling reasons to choose you is a case study.

Case studies these days are terribly underused and misunderstood.

They're not supposed to be adverts like most are with their Problem-Solution approach.

What they should do is tell the FULL story along the way to product ownership and educate the viewer in the process.

Now, a case study should be a video case study.

You can skim through and miss parts in a written case study.

Where as with a video you HAVE to watch it through to the end.

In a video case study all of the key sales talking points and educational insights can be covered, but crucially... through your customer's own words.


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