Why Most People Just Don't Believe Most Case Studies

December 13

Why People Just Don’t Believe Most Case Studies

Customers are smart, and just like you, they know when they’re being sold to. 

Which is why they just don’t believe adverts which are thinly disguised as case studies.

It’s common for them to be re-branded as ‘success stories’, but that doesn’t change the fact that they fail to objectively analyse the problem encountered and give the viewer what they were after originally.

You see, case studies are supposed to help educate a viewer on the problem or need that they have, assist them in developing buying criteria, so that ultimately they can make an educated and informed buying decision.

But as reported in the 2020 B2B Buying Disconnect report, buyers just don’t believe those ‘advert case studies’, and they consider them to be promotional material.

As a result, the case studies which most marketers are publishing are not actually case studies.

Case studies if done properly however are incredibly powerful, the challenge is to know how to produce TRUE case studies.


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