Why Make Your Client The Hero Of Your Marketing Stories?

May 2

Why Make Your Client The Hero Of Your Marketing Stories?

Why make your client the hero of your marketing stories?

If you think about it objectively, it's a no-brainer...

Your client after considering a range of potential suppliers, chose you.

They 'could' have chosen others but they didn't.

And now?...

They're in a much better position because of the results that your company has helped them achieve.

It can be a mine field going through the procurement process.

So many things to consider.

So many potential pitfalls.

But the person or team who eventually became your customer did their due diligence carefully, which is why you now have them as a client.

The reason why I advocate making your client the hero of your marketing stories is simple...

Right now your potential customers would love to hear about how someone similar to them:

  • Had a need or a challenge which they needed to over come
  • What they had to take into account
  • What they learned along the way
  • How they set about making a decision
  • Why they made their ultimate choice
  • What life is like from now on

You already have wealth of previous customers who've successfully navigated this process.

So why not pick one of your favourite examples and let them tell their story?

At the same time as helping other future customers come to the same decision in choosing you.

You're also able to publicly give sincere recognition for the results which your client has ultimately been responsible for delivering.

It's really quite cool when the partnerships you develop with customers deliver exceptional results.

So this is why it's worth telling that story.

It makes great content.

It's inspiring.

And who doesn't love a good story where people's lives are changed for the better? 

Pictured below: The IT leadership team at Leigh Academies Trust whose partnership with Fujitsu is greatly improving the quality of education for their students.

DM if you'd like to have a chat about featuring one of your clients in a similar way.

Why Make Your Client The Hero Of Your Marketing Stories?


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