What’s The Most Difficult Thing About Case Studies

May 23

What’s The Most Difficult Thing About Case Studies?

A recent study reported that case studies are at the bottom of most marketer's to-do lists.

Out of every possible task or asset to produce, case studies were last.

The reason?

A combination of the time, effort and energy it takes to produce them.

Weirdly, the study also reported that case studies are the most effective at driving buyers towards a purchase decision.

Still, most marketers aren’t willing to prioritise them.

I conducted a LinkedIn Poll on this and found...

  • Getting Clients To Agree: 65%

  • Finding The Time To Do Them: 33%

  • Securing Budget: 2%

The thing is, none of the above should really be a problem.

The reason why I started Story Hero was largely due to discovering the challenges which were putting off marketers in producing them.

My idea was to provide a complete service which took care of everything for you.

Sure enough, if you would like a case study without any of the hassle - that's where we come in.

Getting Clients To Agree

Not a problem, I've a method which works every time and is yet to fail.

In addition to that I'm a big believer in providing well though out details for what the plan is.

It's a really nice touch when guests feel completely at ease for what's expected of them and how it will all play out. 

Finding The Time To Do Them

Totally understandable and unless you have a cloning machine, this is why you need us to just take care of it for you.

Securing The Budget

This is an interesting one...

Getting internal buy-in is crucial, not just for securing budget but also for wider support in what you do.

To help with this point I provide you with an interactive document to help sell the vision and what stands to be gained.

In addition of course... a proposal confirming the exact costing for your project.

If you see the value and potential of case studies the best thing to do is to take action...

You can book a no-obligation consultation call to discuss further, have all your questions answered and develop a strategy for how to kick it all off.

If that would be of value click HERE to book your consultation call.


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