June 12

Using Video Case Studies To Highlight Your Key Strengths

How can you get your target customers to appreciate your value?

Is now a good time to try something different?

There is only so much you can do as a company to talk about your own features and benefits.

Yes... they're important. Hugely so!

But that doesn't automatically qualify you for your target customer's attention.

So is there another way you can achieve the same outcome?

Out-market your competitors with video case studies

Out-market your competitors with video case studies

Video case studies offer a unique way to communicate your strengths...

But without it coming across as an advert.

Learning is far better than being pitched to.

Which is why video case studies, and specifically this new style of video case study I've created stands to give you a distinct edge in your marketing.

If you want to highlight your company's key strengths, features, or benefits, education beats pitching every time.

What you can say about your product or service will never be as impactful or authoritative as what your customers can say about your product or service.

You see, it's all about what your target customer is interested in.

They are highly focused on avoiding making the wrong decision and wanting to know everything that's involved in making the right decision.

People hate to be sold to, but they love to buy, and this very much applies in B2B.

So this is why if you want to highlight your key strengths, features and benefits, using your customers in the form of video case studies to highlight them is by far and away the most effective way of doing that.

Left to their own devices, your target customers will decide all for themselves how they should make their ultimate purchase decision.

Now the problem with that is that if they do, then they could end up choosing anyone.

So it's far better that you take control of the narrative and you, with the aid of a video case study, set out exactly the points which a person should be making their purchase decision based on.

Now, with this new style of video case study, when you define what the important points are, you then get to stack all of the odds in your favour, and the result is that your company is seen as their ideal choice for their problem or need.

There's a very good reason why your target customers would much prefer to hear from your existing clients than anyone else.

And that's because what your existing clients can say about your company, why they chose you, and everything that led them to choosing your company. 

It carries much more weight because they are independent, they're authoritative, and what they say carries much more weight and will help your target customers all being well make the same decision.

Currently, marketers aren't using case studies anywhere near as much as they should, and that's a real shame.

But in addition, the way that most case studies are produced really doesn't fit the needs of what buyers are actually looking for.

So this is why I said about reinventing video case studies from the ground up to meet the needs of today's buyers.

If you'd like to know more about it, then visit https://storyhero.uk


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