The World's Number 1 Case Study Podcast

May 30

The World’s Number 1 Case Study Podcast

The World's Number 1 Case Study Podcast!
In the whole world??

Yup... it launched at 6:00am this morning at it's already number 1!


Well, largely because it's the ONLY podcast on case studies.

But you know what?

I wasn't all that surprised when I searched for podcasts on case studies to find that it was the only one.

You see, case studies are terribly neglected.

They are the ONE THING which all marketers know they 'should' be using more often, but they don't for a variety of reasons.

It's a combination of the time, effort and energy it takes to produce them.

Now, they're all understandable reasons.

But when you consider just how powerful case studies can be.

And... just how perfectly they are suited to the way buyers do research these days...

Whilst they are understandable reasons, they're not valid excuses.

But let's change that!

Let's set about re-discovering them...

Every week on the show I’ll be exploring the many different ways in which you can get case studies to work for you along with how you can get the best out of them.

Whether its best practices, new concepts or strategies.

Every episode will be focused on helping you win clients.

Nothing else, all fully focused on how you can use them to win clients.

Plus I'm keeping each episode relatively short (8-15 minutes).

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in then please do check out the podcast’s website….

You can subscribe by email at the website.
Or... through your favourite podcasting app.

Finally... if this doesn't fall under your remit, but you think someone else on your team would benefit in listening.

Then please do send them the link or tag them in this.
(Feel free to add that it's the world's number 1 of course!)


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