September 15

Start Your Day With MORNING B2B

I'm currently trying something out and you might be interested in it...

I imagine that one of the main reasons for you using LinkedIn in is to try and expand your professional knowledge?

I don't know about you, but that's kind of hard when right now it seems to mostly be people taking screen shots of their Twitter posts and reposting them on LinkedIn.

Oh... and then posting only "Agree?" with it.


Occasionally that's fine.

But that's not solid content.


So I thought to try and help raise the bar a little.

My plan is to produce and present a daily LinkedIn Live.

15-20 minutes in the morning.

And during the show, talking about the latest developments and concepts in relation to using case studies to help win clients.

Start Your Day With MORNING B2B Story Hero Case Studies

All-told, it will be an expanded form of this newsletter.

The thing is... case studies as a marketing tool don't get anywhere near the respect and appreciation that they should do.

And that's based purely on the IMPACT they can have in helping nurture buyers and win new clients.

Especially seen as no one else has taken to specialising in them, there's a lot that I can share to help you hit your marketing goals.


The first episode was yesterday.

Today's was a good bit better (getting used to it a bit more).

And tomorrow (Friday 16th) we'll be live at 08:35.

It seems like a good time to do it, plus it rhymes (which is always good).

Start Your Day With MORNING B2B Story Hero Case Studies

If you manage to catch it please do let me know what you think.

Or if you have a suggestion for a use case or angle to cover... please do let me know also.

And seen as we're talking about suggestions...

I'm totally open to having guests on the show as well.

I've got Ross Breckenridge coming on in two weeks to discuss how you can leverage Hubspot to further amplify the power of case studies.

We might even make it a special as it's a great topic with A LOT lot of potential.

So if you have any suggestions for guests then I'd love to hear them.


How To Watch

Option 1: If you're logged into LinkedIn you should get a notification at 08:35 when we go live.

Option 2: I'll be posting an event for each episode - here's Friday's Episode.

Option 3: YouTube (Scroll to 'Morning B2B')


Hopefully you'll have a chance to watch.

If you catch it live - do say hello in the chat section as I'll totally give you a shout out live on air!

Right, well... all the best for now.

And I dare say we'll have a lot to pack into next week's newsletter to directly help you attract and win more clients!


Carry on reading...