Increase Your Contract Win Rates

February 21

Increase Your Contract Win Rates

Do you find it a challenge to get buy-in from all stakeholders at a company you're pitching to?

Why is it that some companies see the value you offer more easily than others?

The answer might be more straight forward than you think...

Years ago (when Steps was a hot pop act) I used to be a radio DJ.

And one of the first things you're taught in radio is that whilst there are thousands of listeners listening at any one time, you are ALWAYS talking to the individual.

The reason being is because that's how they perceive it.

The world revolves around your listener.

So your approach has to be tailored to suit that.

The same is true in B2B.

The reason why I mention this is because I wanted to highlight in the most creative way possible... in a way that is hopefully not better best forgotten... 

(couldn't resist) 

Ok, back to it...

The reason why I mention it is that whilst you're pitching to a group of stakeholders, the same concept applies...

Yes, you need to win over the group.

But you're still pitching to people individually.

And if some companies see the value in what you offer more easily than others it's likely down to the individual and how readily they are able (or not able) to visualise how the value you offer would apply to them.

Specifically, how the value you provide would impact and benefit their company.

Short and simply.

To increase your ability to successfully get buy-in and support from all stakeholders at a company you're pitching to...

You need to make it easier for the individual to see and appreciate the full scope of benefits which you offer.

You could set about producing EVEN MORE detailed documentation for them to read and hope that they have the necessary drive to actually do that.


You could make it a whole lot easier for them by getting one of your existing customers on camera to briefly cover your value points for you.

All you need to do is to choose one of your favourite customers who you've helped in the past.

And have them tell their story around the impact you have made to their company.

Having your existing customers do your selling for you is WAY MORE powerful than anything you could say or do yourself.

It carries much greater authority and it has MUCH greater impact.

Just a single video case study could completely transform your contract win rates.

And it could do by making it easier for all stakeholders to clearly see the value in what you offer.

If you can make it easier for your target customers to see your value - that's how you directly increase your win rates. 

If you'd like to see an example of what a modern video case study should look like please do take a look at our latest examples - click HERE.


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