Help Your Customers Decide What’s Important

April 4

INCEPTION: Help Your Customers Decide What’s Important

At some point in the sales journey your customer will make their decision.

However, there's a particular approach which could greatly increase your sales closure rate.

Done correctly you can have a significant level of influence in how they arrive at their decision.

Best yet and more to the point... you can entirely stack everything in your favour.

The result will be that your target customer sees your product or service as the perfect fit for their needs.

All it takes is a little forethought and the planting of a few seeds in the process.

Your features and benefits are more attractive if a customer appreciates their value

In order for your target customers to appreciate the value of your key features and benefits, they need to understand and be acutely mindful of a situation where they might need them.

It's a case of create the need, offer the solution.

If you can successfully create that need in the customers mind, when they discover that your product or service ticks that box - you'll be one step closer to making that sale.

Of course, if something works... keep doing it.

Which is exactly why you should aim to do this for as many of your features and benefits as possible.

If you do this well your product or service becomes the obvious choice

If you set about doing this you'll be actively shaping what's important in the customer's mind.

You will essentially be creating a shopping list of needs that they will ultimately determine as important.

Crucially, they will feel that the list was all their idea... exactly as depicted in the film Inception.

That list of buying consideration points will be pivotal in how they make their final decision.

The only requirement is that you actually take the trouble to strategically make them aware of and appreciate each of the points concerned.

It's up to you to let them understand why those points are key to making the best decision

If you don't take the trouble to help your target customers to create this mental shopping list of how they should make their decision, one of three things will happen.

  1. Your customer will decide for themselves what's important
  2. They'll be more likely to decide based on price
  3. Your competitors will do it and steer them the conversation in their favour

A case study is by far the best vehicle to put all this to work.

The reason for that is because you can have one of your clients cover all of those talking points in their own words.

The case study I've just finished has been for Fujitsu who provide all the tech equipment for Derby College.

A key value-add to their service is how they help IT directors expand their skill sets and facilitate collaboration between educational establishments.

That was a core point of difference which Fujitsu were keen to get across.

So in the interview we covered that exact topic.

By letting the IT director tell the story of what it meant to him and what has come of it, the result was an incredibly compelling justification for why that unique element to Fujitsu's service is so valuable.

If you were an IT director, after watching it that value-add would now form a key consideration for who you'd later choose as an IT supplier-partner.

If you want to stand out and for customers to see the full value in your product or service you've got to take action for them to be able to see it.

But rather than tell them outright that they should have this feature, or that benefit.

Instead, have your customers tell the story for why it's important in the first place.

Then... continue the story for what life is like as a result of you having taken care of it.

It's so much smoother in terms of an approach.

And it's more enjoyable for your customer because they learn in the process.

The salesy bit:

If you don't have the time or resources to produce a video case study yourself.

Please don't let that stop you...

I provide a full service for taking care of the entire case study production process.

Just send me a message and we can arrange a discovery call to devise a solid plan to produce it all for you.


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