How To Speed Up Deal Times

January 24

How To Speed Up Deal Times

Would you like your deals to take less time to complete?
What impact would that have for your company's profitability?

Whilst all deals have to run their course.

The one thing you potentially have leverage over is how quickly your target customer comes to one important realisation...

Which is, that you're the ideal fit for their problem or need.

In order for them to realise that you have tick a series of boxes.

The key things they're looking for clarity on are:

  • Are you up to the job?
  • Will you deliver as promised?
  • Can you deliver the specific results they are after?
  • Are you likely to let them down?
  • Are you the best choice?

Right now you're likely taking the same route as your competitors.

And that is to hammer them with information, claims and promises that you have all that covered.

Yes, that works.
But it takes time and a lot of study on your target customer's part.

The crazy thing is that you could easily avoid all that trouble and do it in much less time.

You could do that simply by getting one of you previous customers on camera to cover each of those crucial factors for you.

You see... you've successfully delivered your product many times before.
And for each of those customers, they too likely had the same concerns.

At the end of the day claims and promises are all well and good.

But a previous customer giving the most sincere assurance on your behalf cannot be beaten.

It's authentic and carries a HUGE amount of credibility.

Video case studies are the key to you speeding up deal times and writing more business.

If you'd like to see how a video case study should be produced, click HERE.


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