How To Get More Leads With a Story Video Funnel

March 14

How To Get More Leads With a Story Video Funnel

Quite often the most simple ideas are the best.

I think we're all guilty from time to time of overcomplicating things.

And if we're honest with ourselves it's rarely for the best.

So here's a crazy notion...

What if the the key to success in leveraging video for B2B lead generation also lies in simplicity?

very easy mistake to make is thinking that simplicity does not equate to effectiveness.

So what a lot of marketers end up doing is to have a never ending cycle of 'coming back to it' (aka not truly sorting it).

If by chance you don't currently have a video strategy that is (to use a Gary V expression) absolutely CRUSHING IT... then I've got something for you.

How To Get More Leads With a Story Video Funnel

Just last week myself and Eben Meyer held a webinar to look into this very subject and in doing so - offered an uncomplicated strategy to generate high quality leads with video.

A key concept to embrace is that helping customers with their research is your ticket to success

It's ok that on your side you want more leads which will in turn lead to customers.

But thing which really matter is what does your customer want?

B2B customers are driven now more than ever to undertake quality research ahead of making a purchase decision

In fact... the latest research revealed that they are dedicating 33% more time to research than before the pandemic.

There's a BIG difference between trying to sell someone your product versus them finding out what your product or service can do for them.

As the saying goes... "people hate to be sold to but they love to buy".

And this is the foundation of the video strategy which will see you pull in high quality leads from customers at scale.

Case studies are the marketing tool which most marketers are severely underusing and under appreciating.

But if you think about it... they're actually perfect for helping customers with their research process.

Unfortunately, what you have to say about your product or service only carries so much weight.

Far, far better is to hear first hand from other customers about what they thought, learned, and experienced.

Case Study

Now, here's the cool part...

Through applying Story Selling to your case study you can have your customer cover all of your features, benefits and sales talking points IN THEIR OWN WORDS.

Yes, case studies need to be natural and just flow.

But through careful pre-production and as mentioned, applying story selling - you can create the most formidable marketing tool which just happens to be EXACTLY what your customers are after.

And the content they're after is that which they can genuinely learn from and directly help move them towards being able to make an educated and informed decision.


Let's assume at this point that you now have an incredibly powerful story selling case study. (If you haven't don't worry - that's exactly what I can help with)

But if you did have a case study ready to go the next step is to put that to work.

Shown above is the outline of the funnel which we covered on the webinar.

Working in reverse, you start with the full length case study, and then create cut down teaser versions of it.

So when your customer starts at the beginning they first encounter a super-short video teaser or image post to capture their attention.

That drives them to a longer cut.

Which drives them to watch the full 3-4 minute long case study.

Now, contained within that will be re-targeting at each step of the way.

But after having watched the case study in full the very clear final call-to-action drives them to request a consultation or meeting.

A well designed funnel centred around a video case study is prime for capturing attention and within a few steps, delivering a high quality leads who are ready to progress for talking with sales.

In this case it's a case of what you've got plus how you use it.

Free Resources:

If you'd like to know more you can access the webinar blueprint and resource that we made available after the event.

It beautifully distills everything we covered so that you can get a clear understanding of how to approach this and put it to work.

To access it click HERE.

Further Help:

If you like (or love) the idea of a video case study but really don't want the hassle or organising and producing it...

Feel free to book a free 25 minute strategy session with me.

The strategy session is great for developing a super clear idea of what can be achieved, who we'll feature and how quickly you can have it.

To book a call click HERE.


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