How To Avoid Competing On Price

January 10

How To Avoid Competing On Price

Is price a key battleground which you regularly have to fight on?

What if you could better focus attention on value instead?

Unless you take the trouble to educate to educate customers on what's important in making a decision of who to choose, the default key factor invariably comes back to price.

Competing based on price is a race to the bottom.

Ultimately, nobody wins.

As the adage goes...

It's expensive only if you don't appreciate the full value of what's on offer.

So the challenge is to up your game in building the value of what you offer.

If your prospect better understands your value, price is less of a concern.

Taking it one step further, the real test of this for you to be able to communicate that your company is better place to deliver this value than anyone else.

Because when you do that you're no longer competing against many.

You're then in a market of one because only you can deliver to that spec, in that particular fashion, and with the specific approach and resources to do so.

When I produce video case studies I go to great lengths to understand my client's key strengths.

We can then GREATLY amplify them by having one of their favourite customers specifically talk about and cover how they benefited from those strengths.

All stories (ideally) should end on a high.

So in the case of one of your customers recalling how your company's strengths benefitted them, the final piece of the puzzle is to elaborate on what life is like from now on.

One of the key reasons for leveraging video case studies is so that your target potential customer can envision what like would be like if they chose you.

A confused mind always says no.

But giving them clarity and with that confidence on how you'd be able to help them, you then gain significant advantage in the decision 
making progress.

My recommendation is to give some thought for what are your key strengths.
And out of your previous customer list, who would be your top pick for who would be best to validate why those strengths are so beneficial.

Feel free to DM me if you'd like to book a strategy session on having a video case study produced.


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