Handle Customer Fears To Win More Business

February 28

Handle Customer Fears To Win More Business

What do prospective clients fear?
And what could you do to help them overcome it?

A huge part of the buying process in B2B involves alleviating fears.

Fears held by your prospective client which left unchecked can derail any chances of winning the contract or deal.

One of their biggest fears relates to them being let down with the project you're hoping to help them with.

A project failure in any sense can be bad.

More often than not however the stakes are much higher which is why in order for you to be successful...

You have to ensure your prospective client has COMPLETE confidence that won't let them down.

When producing a video case study I take great care to find out what are the concerns which buyers typically have.

By understanding what they are we can then set to address them DIRECTLY in the case study interview.

The great thing about doing this is:

  1. The concerns will be on your client's mind regardless
  2. They will feel great relief if they see and hear one of your previous customers explain why you had them covered.

If you set out to strategically handle and overcome your prospective client's key concerns in your video case study you'll masterfully remove objections in the process.

With objections removed it's then a frictionless route to sealing the deal.

Further more... once those objections are handled the process actually becomes enjoyable for the prospect.

From then on, they switch into buying mode.

People hate to be sold to, but they love to buy.

My top tip for the day is to make sure your video case study strategically takes care of your key objections.


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