Exploit Your Competitors Weakness

June 23

Exploit Your Competitors’ Weakness

There are certain things which your competitors purposefully avoid covering because it weakens their offering.

By refocusing attention and avoiding them they stand a much better chance of winning a deal.

So wouldn't it be a shame if you set about changing that? 😉

Who Says You Have To Play Fair?

You're not here to be best friends with your competitors.

They are after all your competition.

So anything that you can do to improve your chances of winning clients and deals so long as it's legal and doesn't damage how buyers perceive you... then anything goes.

The reason why I mention not damaging how buyers perceive you is to primarily cover not trashing your competitors.

Directly trashing them comes from a frame of weakness which is why it's to be avoided.

However, an honest to goodness spot mischief is fair game.

Shine A Light On It

In a case study video it's completely up to you for what to cover.

When I produce them I make a point of asking your lead sales representative - what are your competitor's main weaknesses?

It's actually a fun process because sales folks LIGHT UP when asked this because it's truly a key area of expertise for them.

On a day-to-day basis they actually work quite hard educating buyers one at a time on as many of these points as they can.

So if we can cover this for them in a case study we'll be making their lives MUCH easier.

At the same time, we'll really be helping land the significance of these weaknesses and in turn setting up the opportunity for slipping in that you actually have those areas covered.

That's Where The Magic Is

Ultimately, the reason why we want to highlight your competitors weaknesses is so that we can help create a void plus... the prospect of pain if it's not dealt with.

As the saying goes...

A sale is made when a problem is solved

So by getting your client to talk about the areas in which your competitors lack and creating that need to make sure it's dealt with...

The next step simply requires us to cover that you actually have those points covered.

With you, none of those short comings are a problem.

And with you it's all taken care of.

all of this lands in the buyer's mind not only have we successfully unsold your competitor / competitors.

But we've positioned you as the only and ideal choice.

The Result

Seeing this come together in a case study video is really quite enjoyable.

Knocking out your competitors and making you the ideal choice in fell swoop.

And the best part is that none of this comes across as salesy.

At all times it's educational.

And because it's educational, that's how we get your target buyer to complete the last important step....

Which is to have that epiphany that you're the ideal choice of partner or supplier.

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