Educate Instead of Pitching

April 18

Educate Instead of Pitching To Win Deals

Education is a powerful thing.

When ever you learn you're better off for it.

David Attenborough has probably done more to get people involved with and caring about the plant that just about anyone else.

But he hasn't done that by pitching people on why they should recycling, taking greener options or become a vegetarian.

He's captivated people because he's taken the time to educate in detail on his subject matter.

As a result viewers all over the world have developed a profound interest and appreciation of the world we live in, more so than ever did before.

And as a result of that they've fully bought into what he's selling... that we've only got one plant and it's worth looking after.

But here's the best part...

Everyone who's embraced his concept and came to that realisation of their own accord are now very unlikely to change their view.

In other words... they're fully sold.

So if that concept can work for helping save the plant, it absolutely can help you win more clients and close more deals.

Explain The Problem

Unless you understand a problem in detail you're less likely to be concerned about it or want to make a change.

Clarify The Consequences

It's human nature to be more motivated to avoid pain than to seek pleasure.

This is why the more effective route to influencing someone is to clearly articulate the consequences.

Suggest A Better Way

Once a person is aware of the potential losses or gains to be had, the final step has to be in suggesting a better way of doing things or a new course to take.

If you adapt your marketing to focus on educating several things will happen:

  1. What you say will achieve much greater cut-through
  2. People will respond to it better
  3. It will have much greater effect

Now, here's the clever part...

If you decide in advance what specifics about your product or service that you would like to educate on - you can get your existing clients to educate future prospects for you.

Most case studies are little more than adverts pretending to be case studies.

And in truth, that's both a terrible shame and a waste of an opportunity.

If you focus on a set of key areas that you really would like prospects to understand better because you know it's integral to making a sale...

The solution is to produce a case study where your client recounts their experience and in doing so educates your future prospects in the process.

Once your prospects understand the problem they face in more detail and understand the consequences at play your offering is then perfectly positioned as the solution or need which their trying to address.

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Educate Instead of Pitching To Win Deals


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