June 2

Educate Buyers Instead of Pitching Them

What if you took a step back?
What if instead of trying to pitch customers, you educated instead?

The mistake most which case studies make is to focus on talking up the benefits you provide.

It’s understandable.

But that’s not a case study - that’s an advert.

True case studies are highly coveted by prospects.

In their true form they help people better understand their situation.

And ultimately guide them towards a decision in your favour.

But the temptation to jump into selling mode is too great for most people.

So this is why it’s rare to come across a true, balanced case study.

Buyers WANT to make educated and informed purchase decisions.

And if only you were to provide them with a true case study that would help them with their education…

They will thank you for it!

The solution can be found in focusing your attention and efforts onto your existing clients.

Stop trying to pitch your offering.

Instead, focus on telling YOUR CLIENT’S STORY…

- What they were up against
- What they had to take on board
- What considerations they had to accommodate
- What they learned along the way
- What they realised was important in helping arrive at a decision
- Why they chose you
- What life is like now

From your perspective, taking that approach still arrives at you being the ideal choice.

And it provides you the all-important to opportunity explain why you were the right choice.

But crucially…

The buyer is drawn in with the opportunity to truly learn from someone else’s experience.

Plus of course… someone who is markedly similar to them in either their role or the problem they are facing.

If you take a step back from outright pitching.

And instead, refocus on helping tell the story of your existing clients.

You will as a result cut through the noise, stand out, and connect with potential customers much better than any of your competitors.

People hate to be sold to, but they love to buy.

And case studies are the perfect tool for helping with this.

If you’d like to know more about case studies and how to use them.

You might be interested in subscribing to my new podcast: Win Clients With Case Studies.

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And the goal at all times will be in helping you win new clients.

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