Avoid Competing On Price

February 14

Avoid Competing On Price

Are you fed up of competing on price?

Do you find yourself losing our to offering cheaper quotes?

We've all been been there. A great project which then the client wants cheaper.

It leaves you jaded and frustrated when you see a client choose a competitor when you know you would be the better choice.

What if you could change that?

One of the things people miss is that people pay a premium for confidence.

Clients are prepared to pay that bit more when they have a higher confidence in the end result.

How do you do that?

Well all your certificates and awards won't do it.

They need to hear the words from your previous clients themselves.

Words on paper won't cut it.

People can spot constructed marketing propaganda and they don't full believe it.

Watching your client do battle for you can be persuasive. Hearing their words and seeing them say it can be powerful in a pitch.

So, how do you get a client to do that? 

We have a smart way of doing it which creates a win-win.

We can get your clients to want to be on video and you get the persuasive content which helps you clinch more deals.

It removes the doubt from your proposal or pitch

Just recently we helped do this for a client, their close rates went up and their pricing was protected... they didn't compete on price.

Typically, you can flex your pricing by 15% when you create more certainty about your end result.

Maybe you aren't looking to increase prices, maybe you just want to get more wins.

Either way, leveraging your clients own words in video format is a gamechanging way to do it.


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