5 Ways Proposals Fail To Win Sales

April 25

5 Ways Proposals Fail To Win Sales

Do your proposals have a 100% win rate?

What could be tweaked to get at least one extra sale per month?

I recently held a live discussion on that topic and during the session we looked at

➤ The areas you need to address
➤ How to tackle them
➤ Strategies for strengthening your offer

The goal was for everyone joining to  make an adjustment or several adjustments to directly help increase their contract win rate increases.

The idea was that if you could make one extra sale per month it would be an hour very well invested.

I took the trouble to put together a summary document for the session.

Everything we covered in a well presented downloadable PDF.

If you would like a copy click HERE.

5 Ways Proposals Fail To Win Sales Story Hero Case Studies


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