GPA Global – Boann Distillery

Luxury Packaging

Imagine you're in the premium spirits business...

Your concerns and focus includes:

  • Standing out on the shelf
  • Quality of the finish
  • Delays with deliveries

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A specific and sincere customer testimonial like this helps greatly in giving the reassurance and confidence that GPA Global is clearly a distiller's best choice of partner.

Social Media Cuts

Short teaser cuts to post on social media and stimulate interest in the content covered.

These cuts are used to drive the target audience to the dedicated website page for the case study.

PPC retargeting is then used to great effect for people who visit and watch the full length case study.


Would you like to discuss having a case study produced?

The consultation will offer:

  • An Expert Assessment of Your Current Situation 
  • How to Get Clients To Agree To Take Part 🔥
  • Solutions for Every Case Study & Testimonial Problem You've Had Previously