All Videos We've Produced For Fujitsu

Keele University

Case Study

Regular case studies would focus on how nice Fujitsu's service was and the quality of their equipment.

This however fully embraces our principle of making the client the hero of the story.

It focuses on telling the story of how Alex and his team are pioneering sustainability within IT at universities.

The result is a genuinely engaging piece which is highly sharable and equally does a fantastic job of articulating the value Fujitsu provide.

EVAD Technology Group

Case Study

EVAD Technology Group are pioneering offering the latest in hybrid cloud computing to businesses of ALL sizes.

The whole concept is a game changer.

As a key Fujitsu partner, they're making full use of Fujitsu's partner eco system to make IT managers superstars in the eyes of their CFOs and CEOs alike.

Derby College

Case Study

Fujitsu provides a significant amount of added value to education customers.

This case study is purposefully designed to communicate that value.

Crucially... it's all told from the personal experience story of Derby College's IT Director.


This testimonial speaks directly to other IT Directors and perfectly spells out why Fujitsu is the right choice for them.

Free Video

As a thank you for their time, this is the free promo video we produced for Derby College as part of the package.

This is a terrific relationship builder and nicely impresses clients.

Leigh Academy

Case Study

This case study was fully funded by Intel through the refund process. (message us for full details).

Following the Story Hero Method, at no time does it come across as an advert.

Instead, it's a first class story telling exercise which leads the viewer to appreciating and valuing what Fujitsu and Intel can do for them.


Testimonials should always be used at the end of a buying journey to help seal a deal.

This is a perfect example of leveraging your client's endorsement to great effect.

Behind The Scenes

Minimal interruption during filming was key. Watch how we filmed this set of videos.

Operation Innovation

Case Study

If you communicate your company's ESG progress and achievements properly it can have a massive impact.

This is the story of the highly inspiring initiative by Fujitsu to directly help address the nation's digital skills shortage.

The Need For Digital Skills

An initial piece to explain the need for digital skills.

When your audience connects with and appreciates your cause they are much more likely to also get involved.

What Is Operation Innovation?

An explainer for staff at schools and colleges for what the initiative involves and what they get out of it.

Behind The Scenes

A packed day of filming including setting up the room to look like the Dragon's Den TV show.


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