Story Hero Case Study Amazon Voucher

T&Cs for Amazon Voucher:

This is a genuine offer.

So this really puts the responsibility on us to deliver!

Our service is entirely built around producing the best case studies possible and delivering a first class service for you and your client.

If by chance you have a genuine situation where we can't provide a solution, it'll be £100 well deserved to learn of it.

So in the spirit of transparency and fairness here are the Terms & Conditions of the offer:

  • The Amazon voucher has a face value of £100 GBP
  • The offer is only open to qualifying individuals who have decision making authority to commission case studies at their current company
  • The qualifying individual must complete the Case Study Problem Solving & Strategy Session in full
  • The voucher is payable if we are unable to provide a solution for a genuine problem in producing a case study in the future
  • If by chance we are unable to offer a solution the voucher will be delivered by email with 10 working days

It made us smile when we first floated the idea of doing this.

But there's a lot to be said for truly having skin in the game.

We know we can deliver the goods, and it will be great to help you.

So with this in writing you can't possibly lose.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

And we look forward to helping you solve all your problems once and for all!


Would you like to discuss having a case study produced?

The consultation will offer:

  • An Expert Assessment of Your Current Situation 
  • How to Get Clients To Agree To Take Part 🔥
  • Solutions for Every Case Study & Testimonial Problem You've Had Previously