Empire View Issues

Terrace Windows

Hot metal sparks have fused into both panels of the glass.

This was caused by contractors disc cutting in close proximity to the glass.

Lawtech have attempted to fix the problem but the metal has been fused deep enough that it cannot be lightly polished out.

After having attempted and failed to remove the fused metal Lawtech have now decided that they "don't feel" that it was their fault after all.

Any further attempt at polishing will weaken the glass and I'm not prepared to have the windows break at a later date because of the damage.

Lawtech will need to propose a solution here.

No remedial works to be carried out before I'm consulted.


This is the terrace which is where the scaffolding was. It's also where the workers were doing their cutting.

Lawtech have claimed that the terrace was too small to have any cutting carried out on it and that it didn't happen.


This is a discarded blade which is photographed in situ.

Despite Lawtech claiming that no cutting was undertaken on the terrace, the discarded waste proves otherwise.

Cuttings & Debris

There is an abundance of metal cuttings and screws littered throughout the terrace.

Further proof that cutting did take place despite Lawtech denying that was the case.

This all needs to be cleaned up.

Cracked Slab

Workmen have cracked one of the slabs. This could have been done the day they were taking down the angled scaffolding roof.

I was at home in bed when they were taking it down and I heard the clamps from the scaffolding being dropped from height.

It didn't last long as it sounded like one of the other workmen told him not to do that.

Either way, that slab was not cracked before and Lawtech will need to propose a remedy here.

UPDATE: Additional close up pictures showing small fragments still in place - this is indicative of a fresh break.

If it were old, they would have long gone.

Damaged Panel

This panel is damaged and needs replacing.

It also appears to be damaged from a disc cutter - which is strange as Lawtech denied disc cutting took place. 

Shoddy cabling 

They have used black cabling instead of grey and the install has been botched.

There are also 3x earthing connections running from the roof, connected to the railing and going down to the ground.

There does not need to be 3 connections.

I suggest removing the black scrappy work altogether.

Damaged panels

There are two panels which were damaged by Stanley knifes being used to remove the plastic covering.

There has been an attempt to repair it but it was unsuccessful.

The panels need replacing.

Rear Terrace

On the rear terrace one of the top panels has not been fitted correctly.

The underside of the panels is also unfinished with materials hanging down.

Top Panel

Foil hanging

Foil hanging

5x Lightning Rods

There is absolutely no need to have five lightning rods in such close proximity.


1: Someone is on commission for how many they can install or...

2: They don't understand how lightning works.

One is understandable, two possibly... but five is ridiculous.

The unnecessary rods needs to be removed.

Scuffed & Scraped Top Cover

Apologies for this late addition, only noticed it the other week.

The top cover was custom painted as part of these works.

Outright carelessness by workers as they were de-rigging has scratched it all up.

As it happens... every single panel is scratched and damaged, but pictured here are the worst parts.

Click on the images to load large versions of them.