Production Process For Guests Story Hero Case Studies

The Case Study Process

For Guests

Here is an overview of the case study production process.

  • Liaison to arrange:
    • The best room to film the interview
    • Footage of your company and your team in action
    • Date for filming
  • Filming at your company
  • Sharing of the finished media

Behind The Scenes Video

The Plan

Arranging the day of filming requires very little on your part.

Though there are a few things to note to help make sure everything goes nicely according to plan.

Finished Media

When the production is finished we'll share the original 4K Ultra HD master video file so you have a copy to keep.

Previous Example

Here is an example of a previous piece which tells the story of Ian McCormick, the IT Director at Derby College.

If you have any questions please feel free to email.