The epiphany moment

The Power Behind The Story Hero Method

The secret to success

This is a clip from our most recent webinar on video case studies.

James explains what the epiphany moment entails and why it's so powerful in our case study videos.

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What your competitors do wrong

Your competitors all try to spell out exactly why a customer should buy from them.

But telling someone what they should do will always encounter resistance.

The set up

A case study using The Story Hero Method provides a detailed educational journey about a buyer's problem or need.

It teaches them what's important, what to consider and what to watch out for.

It gives them everything to make an informed purchase decision.

Everything, apart from just one thing....

The ultimate reaction

The case study does everything to take the viewer RIGHT UP TO, but not beyond a crucial point.

The case study's success rests on the viewer having an EPIPHANY MOMENT all by themselves.

This moment is where they realise your company is their ideal choice.

Why it must be done this way

If a buyer makes this final connection in their own mind, they will feel it was all their idea.

And when that happens, psychologically they lock onto making sure they get what they want.

Your competitors are blown and you have an internal champion who will lead the charge to make sure your company is chosen.


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