Client Production Process Story Hero Case Studies

The Case Study Process

Here is an overview of the case study production process.

  • Strategy call
  • Provide you with a briefing pack to forward to the client you would like to feature
  • Pre-production call
  • Production arrangements
  • Filming day
  • Edit
  • Delivery of final approved media

Behind The Scenes Video

Initial Step

As soon as you identify a potential opportunity to do a case study the easiest thing to do first is to book a brief strategy call.

Don't worry about writing a brief, just book a call for a consultation.

Call Booking: CLICK HERE


As soon as you're ready to kick off the project it all starts with a pre-production call.

The pre-production call is where I take you through a carefully structured interview process.

Call Booking: CLICK HERE

Filming Day

On the day of filming our film crew will arrive smartly dressed.

It's really important to me that we make a good impression at all times, how we present but also how we interact with your client and their company.

Editing & Delivery

We make a point of editing as soon as possible.

As soon as the videos are ready we will share them for you and your  team to review.

If you have any questions please feel free to either email me directly or give me a call

0208 145 2550

International: +44 208 145 2550